annual cleaning and inspections recommended

On a cold winter night where the warmth of a fireplace is felt the best, the last thing you’ll want to encounter is your flue or chimney blocked with debris. Numerous problems can arise if your chimney is clogged, such as an increase in the possibility of chimney fires. For the sake of your family’s safety and the well-being of your home, it’s crucial to get cleaning for a blocked chimney and chimney damper.


Homeowners who live near Worcester County who seek fireplace or chimney flue cleaning can place their trust in On Duty Chimney Service & Stove! Our chimney & flue cleaning for Fitchburg, MA, homes is second to none, thanks to our seasoned contractors. Whenever you need professional fireplace cleaning, we’ll be happy to help!

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Professional Chimney Cleaning Around Fitchburg, MA

Should you ever need cleaning for a blocked chimney or chimney damper, our experts can help you all throughout Worcester County and the surrounding regions. On Duty Chimney Service & Stove offers solutions for blocked chimney flue in the following areas:

Chimney & Flue Cleaning in Fitchburg, MA

Experienced Chimney Cleaners for Fitchburg, MA, Residents

Outline of Chimneys

Chimney flue cleaning is not an easy task and requires the right experience and tools to be performed correctly and safely. To ensure that your blocked chimney flue is properly dealt with so your family can go back to enjoying your fireplace, call on a team of experts who are well equipped to handle the job.


At On Duty Chimney Service & Stove, our professional chimney and fireplace cleaning specialists are capable of sweeping and unclogging a variety of different fireplaces and chimney flues. Whether your home has a gas or wood style, you can count on us for exceptional chimney and flue cleaning around Fitchburg, MA.

Other Services We Offer

Unfortunately, you can’t control the weather. Should a storm damage your chimney or age starts to get the better of it, then, you’ll want to contact our professional chimney company for repairs! Our experts are proficients are repairing all components of your chimney, including the following features and more:

  • Your Chimney Crown

  • Stainless Steel Flue Reline

  • Water Sealing Your Chimney

  • Repairing and Cracked Flue Tiles

  • Restoring Fireplaces in Their Entirety

  • Flash Sealing Your Home

If you never inspect your chimney, then a plethora of problems can go unchecked. A chimney blocked with debris will allow smoke and fire to flow into your living room, which can be detrimental to the health of your family. To ensure that you’ll be comfortable and safe every time you decide to use your fireplace, contact us for an inspection! When one of our professionals comes to inspect your chimney, they’ll utilize their experience to spot any potential problems and help you fix them.

While fireplaces are a great way to stay warm during the winter, owning one is a commitment. As recommended by the National Fire Protection Association, homeowners should have their vent system swept out yearly to prevent house fires. We can lend a hand with your preventative chimney maintenance to determine that it’s in top form. Additionally, we can help install a wide assortment of chimney and fireplace components, such as crowns and flash sealing.

We can help with more than just chimney and flue cleaning in Fitchburg, MA; our experts are also able to install new chimneys and stoves for your home as well. On Duty Chimney Service & Stove offers many different varieties of stove products, so whether you prefer Wood or Gas, we’ll have it!

There is a lot of problems you can encounter with your stove or fireplace when you least expect it. If you happen to notice any of the following issues, our trustworthy team of technicians can lend a hand:


  • Smoke flowing into your home from the woodstove when you open it

  • Smoke coming from the fireplace when you use your wood stove on another floor.

  • Downdrafts come through.

  • Getting the fire started is a challenge.

  • Water is coming into the fireplace or leaking into the walls.

  • The glass doors of your stove should not be covered in black soot, which means the venting is inadequate.

  • The venting system of your pellet stove shouldn’t be coating the side of your home in black soot.

  • If your fireplace smells odd when it’s damp or raining, then we can help resolve that!

For Chimney & Flue Cleaning in Fitchburg, MA, Call Us Today

No matter what has your chimney clogged, our team can save the day and help make your fireplace clean again. If you’ve been looking for chimney and flue cleaning around Fitchburg, MA, or would like to schedule an appointment, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

On Duty Chimney Service & Stove offers chimney & flue cleaning in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, & surrounding areas.
On Duty Chimney Service & Stove offers chimney & flue cleaning in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, & surrounding areas.