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Chimney & Real estate inspections

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Code 211, all chimneys and venting systems should have a yearly inspection performed, regardless of whether it is being used on a consistent basis. If you are someone who uses your chimney every year, flammable, and corrosive materials such as creosote and soot can actually build up inside of your flue and it has to be cleaned out and removed. If you do not use your chimney every year, it still should be examined for potential cracks, damage, structural soundness etc. especially with the harsh winters we can have in Massachusetts, and of course the chimneys exposure to the other elements of the heat in summer and the harsh rains that we also experience year-round.

On Duty Chimney Service knows how vital it is to have your chimney inspected and cleaned each year because it is such an important part of home safety. What most people do not realize though is that each chimney is unique and requires a different type of inspection, which is why we provide three different levels. Here is an explanation of each level of inspections below.

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Chimney & Flue Inspection and Sweep Details

A LEVEL I inspection provides you with a basic exam of your chimney, from top to bottom. During a LEVEL I inspection, On Duty Chimney will thoroughly look for any buildup of creosote and soot, any blockages, or other noticeable issues that could be a problem such as cracks or other damage. These inspections are typically recommended for homeowners who have kept up with their annual chimney maintenance.

A LEVEL II inspection are more in-depth. A LEVEL II includes a scan of the entire interior of your chimney flue with one of our state-of-the-art chimney cameras. We will also perform a much more in depth look at the structure of your chimney.  On Duty Chimney will take a detailed look at the cap, the chimney crown the flashing at the base of the chimney near the roof, the masonry work of the chimney as well as the damper, the appliance connection, the liner (if it has one). We will also look at the smoke chamber and the firebox of the fireplace for any issues such as leaking, cracks, damage or any other repairs that may need to be made. These types of inspections are recommended and performed before the installation of a new liner or new appliance, and when you have noticed a change in how your set up is functioning.

A LEVEL III inspection is a complete evaluation of your chimney including the interior and exterior. It also includes the chimney areas located in your attic and or basement. These types of inspections may have to include On Duty Chimney performing some demolition work or removing walls, which is why these types of inspections are mainly performed when a chimney experiences a fire, lighting has struck the chimney or another sudden occurrence has possibly negatively affected the chimney, and there’s no other way of assessing the damage that may have been done to the chimney structure.

Should You Get a Chimney Inspection for a Real Estate Purchase?


It is important to schedule a home inspection when you purchase a new home, however, home inspectors do not give an in-depth inspection of the chimney. Save yourself the aggravation of a potential surprise issue with your chimney by reaching out to On Duty Chimney Service for your Real Estate inspection before you buy your next home.

What do you get with your Real Estate inspection?

On Duty Chimney Service will perform a full LEVEL II inspection and provide you with a written report, an estimate if any repairs need to be made or if you want to remove/add a stove, measurements, and photos all for your records.

An On Duty Chimney Service real estate inspection will bring you peace of mind with your new purchase. With our detailed and thorough inspection, you will have all that you need to negotiate your purchase price, especially if there is damage or something else wrong with the chimney’s structural integrity, as well as the details you might need for home insurance.

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